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Available Toll Free Numbers
001. 800-365-PODIATRIST
002. 800-38-ANKLE
003. 800-4-A-BLISTER
004. 800-4-EZ-FEET
005. 800-405-FEET
006. 800-411-ACHE -- Please check state availability
007. 800-5-RHEUMATISM
008. 800-50-FUNGUS
009. 800-55-WARTS
010. 800-555-ACHE -- Please check state availability
011. 800-6-BUNION
012. 800-664-CORN
013. 800-7-MY-FOOT
014. 800-79-LIMPS
015. 800-80-HEELS
016. 800-825-AMPUTEE
017. 800-917-PODIATRY
018. 800-950-ACHY
019. 800-965-INSTEP
020. 800-985-ORTHO
021. 800-987-FEET
022. 800-ACHE-123
023. 800-ACHE-ESCAPE
024. 800-ACHY-411
025. 800-ACHY-EYE
026. 800-ACHY-PRO
027. 800-EZ-FOOTSTEP
028. 800-FEET-LAB
029. 800-FIX-WART
031. 800-FOOT-OUTLET
032. 800-FOOT-VET
033. 800-GO-4-FEET
034. 800-HER-ACHY
035. 800-INGROWN
037. 800-MY-TOENAIL
038. 800-NO-BUNION
040. 800-OK-BUNION
041. 800-OUR-BUNION
042. 800-SOS-FOOT -- Please check state availability
043. 800-SOS-TOES
044. 800-TOE-HELL
045. 800-TOE-MEDICINE and 800-TOE-OFFICE
046. 800-TOE-RELIEF
047. 800-TOENAIL
048. 800-WART-411
049. 800-WART-GOT
050. 800-WARTS-MED
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